Everyday Faith with Maxine George

Everyday Faith with Maxine George

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Maxine George (MG) has been church treasurer for 50 years at her current church, plus 3 years, previously. She and her husband, Melvin, raised their three children, Glenda, Jeffery, and Robin, at Nashville Whites Creek Church of the Nazarene. Melvin was the Sunday School superintendent there for 42 years. As with many Nazarenes, Maxine exemplifies "everyday faith" that engages her willing spirit to be a Christlike disciple.

According to the couple's pastor, Bernie Deffinger, "Maxine is fun-loving. People enjoy being around her. The Georges are committed Christians and devoted Nazarenes. Over the years they have held many roles from Sunday School teachers to board members. They certainly have been pillars of the church-loving and giving."

HT: How did you come to faith in Christ?
MG: My husband's uncle was pastoring a small interdenominational mission in our area. He invited us to attend a service, and we found the Lord there.

HT: When did you connect with the Church of the Nazarene?
MG: In 1958, my husband led the mission's congregation in their desire to connect with a denomination. Our pianist, Lily Pratt, and her son, Joe, both preached-they were Nazarene. We were impressed with their lives and faith.

Based on that, my husband contacted the Tennessee District superintendent, C. E. Shumake, who met with us. We started the church with six initial charter members. The name has changed over the years, first it was Morris Hill Church of the Nazarene. The church grew and moved, later becoming Whites Creek Church of the Nazarene.

HT: How did you become the church treasurer?
MG: When we became members of the Church of the Nazarene, District Superintendent Shumake organized the church at that time. He appointed me church secretary and treasurer.

HT: Why have you stayed with it for over 50 years?
MG: I feel God helped me to learn the necessary skills. It just seemed like a place where I could serve the Lord.

HT: Have you enjoyed it?
MG: Yes! Yes I have. I felt I was doing what God wanted me to do.

HT: What other roles have you held in the church?
MG: Missions president, youth president, taught all ages of Sunday School, and served on the church board.

HT: How has being involved in your local church affected your life?
MG: The church has been our life. We raised our three children in the church. We were there every time the doors were open. When I started out as believer, and church treasurer, I was young. Now I'm 79. The people who came into our lives through the church have blessed us. They have, truly. Together, we raised our families. Babies were born and grew into adulthood. It has been a wonderful life. God has been so good to us to give us a special place to worship.

Now, my husband is bedridden. I am his caretaker so we cannot attend the services. But I "teach" the adult Sunday School lesson with him.

HT: How have your travels shaped your views?
MG: We went on several Work and Witness trips-Honduras, Portugal, Thailand, and Kenya. We feel as though we left a part of ourselves there. They were fulfilling experiences. It affected us to see Nazarenes working around the world and to note the impact Nazarenes are making in their areas. It's impressive.

HT: What advice would you give to younger lay leaders in churches?
MG: The most important thing is to present yourself to the Lord. Seek the Holy Spirit?s guidance. Be willing to go and to do whatever He asks of you.

Holiness Today, Nov/Dec 2011