Holiness Quotes - John A. Knight

Holiness Quotes - John A. Knight

The following quotations from John A. Knight shed additional light on the matter of holiness.

"Apart from the enabling Spirit of Christ, the Church will be powerless in its attacks on Satan and his cohorts."

 "Holy living is more than adherence to a prescribed set of rules, or futile efforts to become a 'super' Christian."

"Our message [of holiness] is not a principle, nor a perspective, but a Person [namely, Jesus Christ]."

"No greater gift can be granted to man than the offer of sharing the divine life--God's holy nature."

"Sanctification is that act and or process of God's grace by which one is made 'holy'. Holiness is that quality of life which follows from 'sanctification' or from 'being sanctified.' Sanctification, then, is the means to holiness or holy living."

John A. Knight was general superintendent emeritus in the Church of the Nazarene.