Husbands of Pastors Speak

Husbands of Pastors Speak

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Husbands share the following thoughts and issues facing them when their wives are the pastors:

  • I find it difficult to understand my place in the role of pastor's husband.
  • My job prospects, earning potential, and sense of accomplishment are greatly diminished because of the lack of career opportunities for me in the location God has called us to minister.
  • My wife earns more than I do. This is difficult for me to accept and redefines my understanding of my role as the provider.
  • My wife must deal with some very difficult situations and my understanding of myself as her protector causes me to want to shield her and try to carry those burdens.
  • I feel the church and the community sees me differently. I sense a lack of recognition or affirmation.
  • There are no resources or structured ways to help me connect with others for encouragement, affirmation, or to just talk.
  • The church expects me to be willing and capable of doing maintenance, remodeling, and building repairs.
  • The church views the role of the pastor's spouse through traditional eyes.
  • I feel out of place at pastors and spouse events (i.e. retreats, district dinners, denominational meetings) especially when the wives have a separate event or meeting than the pastors.
  • I feel a strong responsibility to house my family and the uncertainty of living in a parsonage and the possibility of homelessness is a concern.

-Compiled by Larry Morris, adult ministries director for Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International.

Holiness Today March/April 2010