Modeling Generosity: B. Edgar Johnson

Modeling Generosity: B. Edgar Johnson

'More than any other reason, I set up gift annuities through Northwest Nazarene University because, while I enjoy the income and tax benefits during my lifetime, I know that the Johnson and Kathryn Johnson Endowment and its recipients will benefit for generations to come.' -B. Edgar Johnson

B. Edgar Johnson came to Nampa, Idaho, in 1990 after a long and fruitful life of Christian ministry as a pastor and later general secretary in the Church of the Nazarene. His wife of 63 years, Kathryn, passed away in February 2007. In 2009, Johnson married Vada Kellerer. Together they continue to enjoy the blessings of community service and active participation with numerous local charities.

In his 'retirement' Johnson has worked with the same commitment and dedication as in any prior period, creating ways to bring families together and strengthen the Nampa community. Since his arrival in Nampa, Johnson has been instrumental in launching 15 non-profit organizations and coalitions for the purposes of strengthening families and assisting underserved children. His call to service is rooted in the call to ministry that he received at age 16. Johnson describes it as God speaking to him, not in audible words, but louder.

Throughout his life Johnson has served thousands of people and volunteered at numerous charitable organizations locally and around the world. NNU is included in his expressions of love and service, and has been a recipient of his time, talent, finances, and an endowed scholarship.

Johnson established his first gift annuity through NNU in 1994 because he liked the idea of fixed income for life, much of which is tax-free. He also likes that the gift annuity provides a charitable income tax deduction and will eventually grow the Johnson and Kathryn Johnson Endowed Scholarship. Like so many others, Johnson didn't stop after setting up his first gift annuity. Since then he's established a total of 16 annuities to benefit NNU. (Many people who fund a gift annuity do so again and again because of the relatively high fixed payments and attractive tax benefits.)

NNU is blessed to have the support of Johnson and others like him, who have found the gift annuity an attractive way to become a Legacy Partner with NNU.

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