October: Clergy Appreciation Month

October: Clergy Appreciation Month

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October has been designated Clergy Appreciation month. Of course, clergy can (and should) be appreciated all through the year. However, October is an opportunity to make it an intentional priority to recognize the clergy who serve God and their congregations sacrificially and diligently.

Think for a moment of all the clergy who have impacted your faith journey through the years. Now, consider the clergy who serve you presently-in your local church. Would you consider finding a way to appreciate them? Remember, "clergy" include all of those who serve us pastorally--this month of appreciation is for all of them! So, engage a Sunday School class, home group, or the entire congregation to say, "Thank you."

Here are some quick ideas to get things started:

  • Access free Clergy Appreciation resources at www.nazarenepastor.org.
  • Organize a prayer calendar so that pastors are prayed for every day in the month of October.
  • Have a food pounding or a gift card shower-a helpful gesture in times of economic challenge.
  • Don't forget the children of clergy! Shower them with appreciation as well.
  • Make each Sunday of October a special emphasis of gifting.
  • Write notes of appreciation to your clergy members.
  • Give the clergy family (or families) a night out at a local restaurant and family entertainment venue.

The possibilities are as endless as the creativity of your congregation! Do something-and be assured-you will be blessed in return.

For more information on Clergy Appreciation month or to let us know how you have chosen to appreciate your pastoral staff, please visit www.nazarenepastor.org or call the Clergy Development office at 1-800-306-7651. You may also E-mail Clergy Development at pastor@nazarene.org.

Carol Rittenhouse is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and is on the Clergy Development staff.

Holiness Today, Sept/Oct 2010