Find inspiration in these helpful quotes from Nazarenes around the world.

We actually need each other more than we realize. —Hans Deventer

Repeated, unconditional forgiveness is required for even (especially) our most detested enemy. —Jon Johnston

Jesus cared! He went out of His way to find hurting people. —J. K. Warrick

Make the church believable. —Paul Skiles

I have discovered along my journey that it’s in the times of deepest pain, brokenness, and questioning, that we find ourselves face to face with a loving God. —Andrea Sawtelle  

We are the church; let’s bring back the warmth and nurturing of hospitality. —Gavin Fothergill

As long as we are still the ones trying to manage who we become, we will not become who God can make us. —Michaele LaVigne

With the international church, we have a big family. —Simon Pierre Rwaramba

Confirmation rarely comes by just sitting back and waiting for something to happen. Confirmation comes in the midst of action. —Kevin Brunk