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Regional Highlights Nov/Dec 2008

Regional Highlights Nov/Dec 2008


The Northwest Zone of Namibia met in August under the leadership of District Superintendent Michael Shalley for district assembly. Thirteen new congregations were organized and 1,291 individuals received into full membership.

Africa Regional Director Eugénio Duarte commented, "The church's potential for continued growth and development in Namibia is one of the greatest on the continent. On the foundation that has taken years of dedication and hard work, the national leadership is preparing itself for even greater achievements."


Ukraine hosted 280 youth from 26 countries for the second Eurasia Nazarene Youth Conference (NYC) in August. Spinning off "one mission," the global theme for Nazarene Youth International, the event centered on Jesus' question: "What is the kingdom of God like?" Participants experienced morning devotions, a variety of seminars, evening celebrations, and teaching.

"NYC changed my life," said Anastasia Orlyuk from Ukraine. "I learned to make prayer a priority and found a new desire to read the Bible."

Scotland's Iain McGookin learned: "Christianity isn't a personal lifestyle, but that it also is connecting with people. It is great being part of an international church and being able to put faces to certain areas of the world."

Mexico and Central America:

Throughout the Mexico and Central America Region, integrated ministries teams from the U.S. have been planting churches, delivering JESUS film equipment, holding Vacation Bible Schools, and doing restoration and construction work on community and church facilities. Teams have worked in partnership with local churches and districts in the areas visited. Ministry teams traveled from Wisconsin, Ohio, and Illinois, Washington, and California to Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica.

South America:

After months of filming and editing, the World Mission Broadcast South America team released the second television season of Mujer Valiosa ("The Valued Woman"). This television ministry, in connection with Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries and Mujer Valiosa Women's Ministries, was launched in 2007 after the unprecedented success of the radio version of the show.

Mujer Valiosa radio airs on more than 1,400 radio stations in 24 countries. Like its predecessor, the television ministry exploded into television markets, airing on more than 1,000 channels in 20 countries. The potential audience is estimated at more than 150 million viewers. Myriam Pozzi is the producer of Mujer Valiosa TV.


Tropical Storm Hanna and Hurricanes Gustav and Ike caused heavy damage across the Caribbean Region, especially in Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. The impact of these storms was devastating to agriculture in an area already suffering food shortages.

Hurricane Ike left four dead and caused substantial damage to property and crops in Cuba. Many Nazarene churches on the eastern part of the island are located close to the sea and were blasted by storm surges. Several of the churches lost their roofs.

Three districts in Haiti received crop and livestock damage from the heavy rain and wind delivered by Hurricane Gustav. The arrival of Hanna a few days later brought major flooding to the island, washing out roadways and bridges. Four Nazarene churches were completely destroyed and many others sustained serious damage. As many as 2 million persons were estimated displaced by the storms. Bill Dawson, French Field Director in the Caribbean Region, reported that thousands of Nazarenes were living in refugee camps around the flooded city of Gonaives, Haiti. "Two Nazarenes died in the camps," he said.

In the Dominican Republic, loss of crops, livestock, and property resulted from the storms, including significant roof damage to a number of Nazarene churches and parsonages. The devastation also caused many people to lose their sources of income.

Holiness Today, Nov/Dec 2008