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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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Missions and Transformation: An Interview with Verne Ward

HT: What are some recent trends in global missions?

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Enlarging God's Family

I spent 29 years of my adult life as a professor on a Nazarene university campus. Looking back across the faces and names of students who sat in my classrooms reminds me of the incredible power the unleashed gospel has to transform lives.

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The Condition of Mission

John 17 is a prayer of God the Son to God the Father. It is Jesus’ longest recorded prayer and has been called the High Priestly prayer because Jesus was merely hours away from going to the cross, and He was praying for His disciples.

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Emmanuel: God With Us

While the death and resurrection of Christ are at the core of our theology, it is important for us not to take those events in isolation from the bigger picture of Jesus’ life. On Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Christ.

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Global Support for Global Outreach

The Church of the Nazarene has continued to spread the message of holiness to more and more nations during the past century.

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Ten Questions with Keith Cox

HT: What brought you to your current position?

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Book Review: Following Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King

The book Following Jesus: Prophet, Priest, King, is a compilation of twelve reflections addressing various aspects of following Jesus in the contemporary world.

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