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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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Double Duty in Korea

Almost 22,000 Korean Nazarenes look to him for leadership. President of the largest Nazarene university in the world.

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The Rest of the Story

In 1994, I deployed to Haiti with the 28th Combat Support Hospital in support of Operation Uphold Democracy. Physicians were deployed from various reserve units throughout the U.S. to give us the full complement of doctors that we needed.

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The Nazarene Way

It was in the middle of my second term as regional director for the Eurasia Region when I was approached by a young European leader with the question, “Is there a Nazarene way?”

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Outside the Walls

Ana Chosco had no desire to move from the beautiful city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the province of San Luis. But her husband, Carlos, had finally found the job for which they had been praying, so there was no choice in the matter.

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Special Edition 2015 At Work Discipleship Examples

Spiritual Transformation In the Classroom

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Lest We Forget

Today there is much discussion about memory and the ability to remember. Countless articles have been written on this subject. Remembering is not only an important part of our everyday lives, but it is also a vital part of our spiritual lives.

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When the Global Village Prays

When pioneer missionary Harmon Schmelzenbach made his transoceanic voyage to take the gospel to Africa, he did not have multiple avenues of instant communication to send back prayer requests and family news.

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