January 2020

God's Gym

I really enjoy playing golf, but I’m just an average golfer. In my quest to improve my game, I read Tiger Woods’ book How I Play Golf. I learned a lot from it. During a match, I would try to put into practice what I learned in the book. There was just one problem though – I didn’t golf anything like Tiger Woods.

Rooted in Christ

God continually gives us opportunities to minister to those around us. He gives us eyes to see the scars they bear and the burdens they carry. Perhaps their struggle is with an addiction, an abusive relationship, or an unplanned pregnancy.

Jesus is calling us to minister to others from a place of God-dependency instead of self-sufficiency.

The Right to Hope

There has been a lot of discussion recently around the issue of abortion. Lines have been drawn as people have proclaimed that they are either pro-life or pro-choice. The battle for the life of the unborn has intensified as life itself in the United States has become a political issue. This sad reality has led some states to pass legislation that protects life when a heartbeat can be detected. Some states have opened up the availability of abortion to the full 40 weeks of pregnancy.

Mercy at the Well

It was noon, and the Samaritan woman was doing the same thing she did every day. Gathering her empty water jug, she walked to the well alone. It was not an accident that she chose this time of day, but an intentional effort to elude the other women. She wanted to avoid the stares, the whispers, and the condemnation she knew she deserved. To her shock and surprise, the woman encountered a hero at the well that day: a Savior who knew her secrets and offered her living water.