June 2020


Psalm 88 isn’t typically the first passage of choice when it comes to short devotional reflections. In fact, upon first reading this passage, it even feels out of place among the other Psalms. Many of the Psalms declare God’s goodness and give reason for praise, while others wrestle with pain and heartache. Yet typically, even the Psalms we would classify as Psalms of lament or supplication have some sentiment of “even still, God, I will worship you.”


Every family has a unique history. The act of remembering this history has a distinctive way of leading family members into deeper places of intimacy as a collective whole.

Imagining the Future

The ability to imagine a different reality sets human beings apart from all of creation. Children are best at this. My favorite moments lately include playing alongside my nephews who are two and four years old. They have a way of ushering me into a world that begins in their mind’s eye and that is arrived at through play.


Do you remember the last time you felt fully content? For some, it may be the exhilarating moment right after a tough workout. For others, perhaps it’s savoring the last bit of a delicious meal. I feel most content when I am playing music in my piano room at home with family.