Getting to Know the General Board

Getting to Know the General Board

The General Board is composed of district superintendents, assigned ordained ministers, and lay leaders representing the global church and elected by the General Assembly. Convening in late February each year, the board has governing responsibility for the global Church of the Nazarene between sessions of the General Assembly. The General Board carries out the corporate business of the denominational offices.

General Board Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Board of General Superintendents — Eugénio Duarte, David Graves, David Busic, Gustavo Crocker, Filimão Chambo, Carla Sunberg

President — Robert Brower

Vice President — Min-Gyoo Shin

Secretary — Gary Hartke (ex-officio)

Treasurer — Keith Cox (ex-officio)

Global Missions Director — Verne Ward III (ex-officio)

Global Administration and Finance Committee

Chair — Joel Pearsall

Vice-Chair — Terry Rowland

Recording Secretary — Bob Brower

Global Missions Committee

Chair — D. Geoffrey Kunselman

Vice-Chair — C. Dale Thistle

Recording Secretary — Cheryl Crouch

Global Education and Clergy Development

Chair — Randall Craker

Vice-Chair — Stanley Ushe

Recording Secretary — Leonila Domen

Local Church Ministries

Chair — Min-Gyoo Shin

Vice-Chair — Ángela Moreno

Recording Secretary — Philip Weatherill


General Board Members by Region

53 Total Members

USA/CANADA — 22 members

MESOAMERICA — 7 members

SOUTH AMERICA — 7 members

EURASIA — 7 members

AFRICA — 6 members

ASIA-PACIFIC — 4 members


The Board of General Superintendents opened the 98th session of the General Board by leading a concert of prayer for each of the six regions of the Church of the Nazarene, remembering especially the plight of those in Ukraine and asking the Lord to restore peace and safety to the region. Following the time of prayer, David Busic delivered the annual Board of General Superintendents’ Report.

Busic’s report, titled “Church in the Wilderness,” addressed the many challenges the church has faced in the last year. He reminded listeners that “in Scripture, the wilderness is not a place of punishment—rather, it is a place of testing.”

The benefits of wilderness are clear, Busic said. By God’s grace, wilderness is “a place of preparation that refines our character, sharpens our focus, renews our dependence upon God, and prepares us for new ministry.”

Busic closed the report with a powerful admonition to embrace the future with confidence, acknowledging that although “the way forward may look different than the past, the One who is the way, the truth, and the life’ remains the same.”

General Board members responded to the report with enthusiastic approval. This year’s General Board was held virtually with members from 17 different time zones.

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Holiness Today, May/June 2022