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Holiness Today is the denominational magazine for the Church of the Nazarene and features stories of God at work in the world.

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To Be Human Again

As the Candleholder in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast wraps his arm around the Clock in a comforting gesture, he delightfully sighs, “Ah, to be human again.

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Christ as Role Model for Missions

The day had been exhausting. Jesus, clearly tired due to the physical punishment and the suffering of the terrible night, was taken before Pilate. The governor was accustomed to facing all kinds of people. Everyone bowed before his might.

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A Library for the World

Enter a library anywhere in the world—from the ancient libraries of Alexandria and Nineveh to the modern Library of Congress—and what will you find? Resources.

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The Jesus of History and the Christ of Faith

We live in an amazing age of data collection. My computer stores information about every word I type, every topic I research, and every purchase I make online.

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Following the Genuine Jesus

The real Jesus must always be the central focus of our faith. While we all may affirm this with a resounding, “yes,” our actions and reactions may not reflect this in reality.

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Ministering During Difficult Seasons of Life

During my 22 years of pastoring a great church in a community with diverse needs, I have seen much. I have experienced great and exciting celebrations, and I have also experienced some difficult and challenging times.

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Fast Facts: Near Neighbors

Churches of the Nazarene tend to be larger when there are additional Churches of the Nazarene nearby.

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